Thursday, 21 September 2017

From Mrs de Klerk and Mrs Weaver

Welcome to Year 4, and our Class Blog!

We have had an excellent first few weeks with our new Year 4 classes. We have got straight into things... busy, busy, busy!

We have posted a letter on the Iveson Website about the up-coming trip to Chester on the 6th October.

We need permission and payment from all students, returned to the Office as soon as possible.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance our learning about Roman Britain. We are all very excited.

Bring the answer to the Maths Challenge below to Mrs de Klerk by Monday (25th Sept)

and earn extra Dojos!

Maths Challenge

There are 4 number cards A, B, C and D. They each have a 4 digit number on.

 Using the clues below, work out which card has which number.


                  3421,     1435,     3431,     1243       


 A has a digit total of 10.

 B and C have the same thousands digit.

 In C and D the tens and the hundreds digits add up to 7.

               D has the largest digit total.  

Happy Calculating!