Saturday, 9 June 2018

Swifts display of Outdoor Week

First we researched the types of trees within the grounds of the school by identifying the leaves. We then used our working scientifically skills to record different types of plants found on our playing field and presented our results as a bar chart.
In anticipation of our new science topic, Natural Habitats, we designed and built some Minibeast Hotels, carefully thinking about the best environments for our little friends and what they could be made of. We have hidden them and look forward to seeing if anyone has checked in. 😉
We used the opportunity to create some symmetry art, making use of the symmetry found in so much of nature.
Lastly, fun was had by all practising catching using Dimitris' water balloons! Our rounders game was occasionally interrupted by a stray water balloon when Mrs de Klerk was bowling.

What a fantastic way to spend such a glorious week.
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